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0000819FreeCADBugpublic2016-07-23 10:40
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Summary0000819: Faces colors lost again (sorry)

I have noticed that shapes loose colors on delete. So if you have shape with single color, or with color-per-face, they are lost when you delete object and press undo to undelete object. Undeleted one has default color
Additional InformationWin7 64bit.

Make box,
add color to it (per face, or per solid),
delete object,
press undo to undelete - color lost
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related to 0000020 closedJriegel UndoRedo for Gui Elements 



2012-08-31 09:07

administrator   ~0002333

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Undo/redp only works on App level but not on Gui level. Thus, face colors cannot be restored any more.

See also #0000020


2012-08-31 10:48

reporter   ~0002336

Last edited: 2012-08-31 10:49


I will suggest something that even to me seems little stupid, but it might be worth considering in order to prevent users from loosing information (their work).

Since it is not finished, maybe additional check can be made before object is deleted - check if object has color-per-face info. if it does, show message that says objects have color-per-face info that will be lost permanently delete.

I know it is a little stupid, especially if you have a lot of objects that can be deleted when you import STEP file and the message would appear every time you click delete (you could select those you want to delete and press del only once, to get only one message).

color-per-model info is not so important, since it is easy to restore it.


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