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0003454PathFeaturepublic2019-02-11 10:47
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Summary0003454: Implement a BoundingBox and python interface for a Path object
DescriptionThere are cases in Python where it would be useful to get the boundingbox of an existing path. This is not possible right now.
Steps To ReproduceImport a gcode file.
Select the path object and toggle the boundingbox visibility on.
The boundingbox is shown. However, you can't access the bounding box from python.
Additional InformationAccording to yorik, the fix is relatively simple.

Current implementation is in: Gui/ViewProviderPath.cpp recomputeBoundingBox()
1) in Path.h / Path.cpp implement a getBoundBox() that returns a Base::BoundBox3d
2) move the code of ViewProviderPath::recomputeBoundingBox() into it
3) call that new function from inside ViewProviderPath::recomputeBoundingBox() instead
4) implement a py getBoundBox() in PathPy
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2018-05-06 23:14

developer   ~0011233

The implementation of the BoundBox calculation relies on the point cloud generated for displaying which is only available in the ViewProvider and cannot be moved into Toolpath.

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