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Summary0003451: Need method for working on a partial profile.
DescriptionA method is needed to be able to remove material from one area of the stock profile without doing a complete profile/contour operation.
There are at least two situations requiring this:
1) The user has clamped the part on the table and only wishes to machine a couple faces without profiling the entire part. For example, machining one face of a casting.

2) The profile of the part involves a very deep recess that should be cleared from the outside in rather than with 100% cutter engagement as the cutter plows through and cuts out a chunk of stock.

The current workaround is for the user to create a 'helper object'. then creating a job for that object and adding appropriate operations.

At a minimum this process could be automated to create the helper object seamlessly in the background and use its shape for the operation.
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