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Summary0002584: Support for SweetHome3D xml-based files
DescriptionSweetHome3D ( ) has a plugin ( ) that exports the contents of a file as a zip that contains a master xml file describing the walls and the objects placements, and an obj file for each piece of furniture.

This format could be easily imported and exported by FreeCAD.

Currently that .zip is not reimportable in SH3D, but that's in their plans...
Additional InformationUsing Yorik's SweetHome3D importer
Sweet Home 3D integration/collaboration -
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2016-06-13 14:41

administrator   ~0007143

New version of the plugin that exports walls as xml: see annexed example file

Discussion thread:,6708_offset,25

Discussion about reimporting such data in SH3d:,6708_offset,20


2016-06-13 14:41

administrator (Attachment missing)


2017-03-27 15:33

manager   ~0008715

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@yorik FYI plugins updated per,6708_offset,30#32844
[quote]Here's the new versions 1.2 of Export to HTML5 and Export to XML/OBJ plug-ins.
Both plug-ins are now based on the management of the new XML entry that was added to .sh3d files in Sweet Home 3D 5.3. The JavaScript part of the Export to HTML5 plug-in now supports pinch for zoom under Android and Windows, and was optimized to draw 3D lines faster.[/quote]


2017-05-02 22:56

administrator   ~0008872

Yes the plugin is now part of the 5.3 version, no need to install anything more, normally. I still need to test, though


2017-08-14 00:24

manager   ~0009925

@yorik can you test this and confirm ?


2018-06-07 21:53

manager   ~0011365

[url=]SweetHome3D HTML5/XML to Blender importer[/url]

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