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0002553Path[FreeCAD] Featurepublic2018-05-13 16:28
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Summary0002553: 4th axis paths don't display as expected
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 sliptonic commented on 14 Dec 2014

4th axis paths don't display as expected
In the image, you can see a 2 axis gcode file that has had the Y axis coordinates mapped onto th A axis.
Gcode Ripper is able to display the gcode as it would appear. This is done by selecting the view plane (ISO1).

User should be able to visualize the path as it would appear.

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2016-05-13 22:06

administrator   ~0007101

sliptonic commented on 15 Dec 2014

Here's a 4th axis toolpath.


2016-05-13 22:07


fish_wrap.ngc (31,165 bytes)


2016-05-13 22:07

administrator   ~0007102

yorikvanhavre commented on 29 Dec 2014

I'm not sure how this should be done? Isn't it better to have a special pre_ script that maps all A values to Y?


2016-05-13 22:07

administrator   ~0007103

sliptonic commented on 29 Dec 2014

No, that would undo what we're trying to do. Gcoderipper is easy to install and can be downloaded here: It's the program running in the middle of the image above. It has a number of interesting features for working with paths.

In this case, it's taking a 2D path in XYZ and mapping the Y axis moves onto A axis with a given diameter. This effectively 'wraps' the engraving around the cylinder.

However, if I import that path into FreeCAD, it doesn't look like the wrapped cylinder since no A moves are shown. Somehow, GcodeRipper addresses this with the ISO views.


2016-05-13 22:08

administrator   ~0007104

yorikvanhavre commented on 29 Dec 2014

I can't make the g-code ripper program display the same thing as in your screenshot with the file linked above... It keeps telling me "Aborting G-Code Reading: A Codes are not supported". Is there any other option to configure?

Anyway it is still not clear to me what we need to achieve, if it is not mapping the A values to X or Y?


2016-05-13 22:08

administrator   ~0007105

yorikvanhavre commented on 29 Dec 2014

(18:01:42) sliptonic: Here's an application. Ideally, the path visualization after wrapping would look something like this:
(18:06:08) sliptonic: Another image:


2016-05-13 22:08

administrator   ~0007106

yorikvanhavre commented on 11 Apr 2015

This is not that easy... It really involves building a complex, new display mode to show/map the paths on a cylinder... I suggest we leave that for after the merge


2017-02-04 03:50



2017-11-28 00:57

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Moving to 0.18 target


2018-05-08 21:29

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