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0000175FreeCADFeaturepublic2015-09-19 11:15
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.16 
Summary0000175: Auto save function
DescriptionAuto-save feature which saves a document every X minutes
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has duplicate 0001897 closed Add a crash recovery file 



2010-10-14 06:07

administrator   ~0000376

Reminder sent to: yorik

According to your request at


2010-10-15 11:23

administrator   ~0000380

Great! I think the best way would be to save to a temp file, so you don't risk overwriting your main file with some changes that you are just experimenting. Some applications just save a temp file in the same folder as the main file but with another name, other save it in the system temp folder, which is probably better, so it can be cleaned automatically by the system.


2011-02-01 12:47

administrator   ~0000567

Actually (again) I had a plan for that. Its partially implemented already
in the FreeCAD document. Its called "Transaction". Its basically like UNDO but
the other way around. It works as follwed:

Every change you make on the document triggers a transaction (for e.g. Undo).
This transaction is written do the temp space in a low prio thread. If FreeCAD
fails, you load the last (user) save and all the saved transactions and your
document is at the same version.

Transactions have several advantages:
You write only small pieces to disk (only actual changes) and not the whole
document (blocks the application for a long time). And its completely in the
background (user don't see it). Small disk footprint.

But again - had no time to finish the implementation.


2011-02-01 13:12

administrator   ~0000568

Very cleaver! This would be an incredible, never-seen-before real-time backup!!!


2013-05-17 09:29

administrator   ~0003168

In order to make this working it needs to be checked when running a new FreeCAD instance if a previous instance crashed or not.

Therefore a lock file of the form "FreeCAD_<process id>.lock" gets created in the TEMP folder. This file is locked by the FreeCAD instance that created it. With a normal close the file gets unlocked and deleted. In case of a crash the file gets only unlocked but not deleted.

Now when running a new FreeCAD instance it searches for all lock files in the TEMP folder and checks if the file is locked or not. In case it's locked we know this file is occupied by another (or this) FreeCAD instance. If the file is not locked we know it's the leftover from a previous crash.

From the lock file name we now extract the PID and search for directories of the form FreeCAD_Doc_*_<PID>. If the directory is empty we can delete it because a restoration is impossible. If it contains any data we have to check if the document can be restored. This step needs to be implemented.

git show 37d1696


2015-04-10 02:44

reporter   ~0005987

With the number of crashes in FreeCAD I have had in the last 2 hours, I would consider this a much higher priority than "Minor".


2015-04-10 14:15

administrator   ~0005990

I had a quick look again at this, it looks like the /tmp/FreeCAD_Doc_*_PID folder is always empty for me (on creating a new file, opening an existing one, doing a couple of operations, etc...). What is it supposed to contain?


2015-04-10 21:57

administrator   ~0005997

> What is it supposed to contain?
The svg files of a drawing, the wrl file of a VRML object, ...


2015-06-20 19:31

reporter   ~0006214

I am also looking forward to this feature! However, the /tmp directory on Linux is cleared at boot time, therefore if you restart after the crash or FreeCAD "crashed" because of power loss, you loose the ability to restore your work.

Maybe the stream could be saved in the same directory as the file on which the user works, I have seen some other applications do that. The configuration directory of FreeCAD could then hold a list of files that were open before the crash.


2015-09-18 13:35

administrator   ~0006429

Related forum thread:


2015-09-19 08:35

administrator   ~0006434

> However, the /tmp directory on Linux is cleared at boot time...
This feature is requested in #0001238.

So, as far as I can see this feature is now fully implemented.

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