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0001649PartDesignBugpublic2017-01-17 18:13
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacbook Pro late 2011OSOS XOS Version10.9.4
Product Version0.14 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.17 
Summary0001649: Chaning names on Pads does not change them everywere
DescriptionIf I rename an object the new name is not used for any objects referencing this object. The default name is used. For example if you perform a polar pattern feature on a pad, the name that appears in the field "Original feature" is the default name (such as "PadXXX"). This bug leads to confusion, especially for projects with many features.

This bug might be part of the Topological naming interface group (Issue #0000876).
Steps To ReproduceAttached a file to show the bug.
1. Select the feature "Toothpad" (original name Pad001).
2. Choose Polar pattern feature.
3. The name in the field "original feature" is "Pad001" instead of "Toothpad".
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has duplicate 0002111 closed FreeCAD  Dialogs (like linear pattern) should not show internal name of an object but their labels as in the tree view 



2014-07-29 21:21


gearTest2.FCStd (10,669 bytes)


2014-07-29 21:24

developer   ~0004874

You can't rename an Object. You can only change the Label.
Maybe we should show the Label in the original field data. (and offer the real name as a tooltip)


2014-07-30 11:08

administrator   ~0004878

Actually, throughout the GUI the Label should be used. For a normal user the internal name is of no interest. It's only interesting for Python coders and therefore we write the internal name of the object in the status bar when (pre-)selecting it.


2016-10-21 13:47

administrator   ~0007408

git show c92dbb3
git show 58cb2e2
git show 36b3d33
git show 991d766
git show 9c49a0b

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