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0001367DraftFeaturepublic2018-01-12 15:31
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Target Version0.18Fixed in Version 
Summary0001367: Extend Draft Edit mode to work with 3D shapes
DescriptionAllow to edit simple, non-parametric prismatic shapes

in Draft Edit:
- check if the object has no curves (all edges are derived from Part Line)
- get the position of an original vertex and its new position

in a new Draft function:
- find the vertex that has the original position
- find all faces that have that vertex
- redo these faces with the new vertex
- rebuild a shell from all faces
- rebuild a solid from the shell, if the original one was a solid

possible extension:
- instead of eding the original shape, create a new parametric feature, that links to the original object and its vertex, and has a "delta" property. This would allow to elso edit parametric objects, and keep the edit.
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