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0001355DraftFeaturepublic2014-02-23 20:42
Reporterquick61Assigned Toyorik 
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Summary0001355: Cubic Bezier Curve Tool For Draft Workbench
DescriptionAs mentioned in FreeCAD forum thread - - Bsplines and Bezier Curves...

This feature request is for the addition of a cubic Bezier curve tool to be included in the Draft Workbench.
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related to 0001272 closedwandererfan FreeCAD BezierCurve is not documented and not intuitive 



2014-01-14 15:34

administrator   ~0004078

I'll assign this to myself, but if anyone wants to work on it sooner than me, just say so. Basically the way I see it, it involves the following:

- creation of a new "_Bezier" object in, similar to _BSpline (maybe derived from it)
- creation of a new makeBezier() function in similar to makeBSpline
- creation of a new icon
- creation of a new Bezier command class in, based (inherited?) on the BSpline class


2014-01-18 15:57

developer   ~0004097

I've started on it. is a first hack made from bSpline. It makes Beziers, but not necessarily cubics, and I haven't figured out how to make traditional edit handles yet.

Goal is something along the lines of a "polyBezier" with individual edges made from cubic Beziers joined end to end into a wire. (much like Inkscape)


2014-01-18 21:09

reporter   ~0004099

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wandererfan, this is actually rather usable as is. As you mention, there is no edit yet, but the result so far is impressive. Works a treat.


2014-01-18 21:24

administrator   ~0004100

Just had a look, great work wandererfan!

One thing that is handy with the draft wire and bspline tools, is that the "real" object gets drawn while you are drawing, allowing things like snapping to itself, or closing by snapping to the first point. I don't know how useful that would be here, though, and I'm also curious about what you are planning with handles, so feel free to implement your own ideas instead. But for me too it is already pretty good as it is now!


2014-01-19 12:39

developer   ~0004101

IMHO the editor should either finish the curve when enough poles (degree+1) have been entered or support piecewise bezier curves.
See git:// piecewise-bezier


2014-02-05 15:29

developer   ~0004153

should be linked to:
0001272: BezierCurve is not documented and not intuitive


2014-02-23 16:31

reporter   ~0004277

This is merged and working. You can probably close at your leisure unless there is something to add.


2014-02-23 17:14

developer   ~0004279

git show 2d43d61b921..49ba4de6b8

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