Scheduled For Release 2018-12-31
0002342: [General] Difference in solver messages between SparseQR/DenseQR (abdullah)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003348: [General] Sketch constraint flips direction
0003745: [General] Solver failing on certain sketch (abdullah)
0003735: [General] Arc convergence problems (abdullah)
0003731: [General] SQP usage / debug information (abdullah)
0003730: [General] Check effect of squared error in convergence (abdullah)
0003635: [General] Solver does not use point-line-tangency in all possible cases (abdullah)
0003658: [General] LM fails on recompute (abdullah)
0000704: [General] Sketcher Fully constrained report based on primitives (Lines, arcs) (abdullah)
0002069: [General] Display which parts of a sketch are fully constrained. (abdullah)
0003286: [General] DogLeg bug (falling back to LevenbergMarquardt) and feature request (abdullah)
0000754: [General] Sketcher doesn't report that a fully constrained sketch may have multiple (finite) solutions (abdullah)
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