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0003729: [Bug] REGRESSION: FreeCAD 0.17 does not export color information with STEP files (wmayer)
0003736: [Bug] Tree view and Property view are no longer available in View --> Panels menu (normandc)
0003726: [Bug] Property Editor Angle Fields Do Not Respect Units (wmayer)
0003734: [Bug] Image Scaling tooltip is untranslatable and should be reworded (wmayer)
0003431: [Bug] Drag-dropping bug that can make a Part contain itself (wmayer)
0003680: [Bug] Export (Ctrl+E) doesn't check to make sure that object being exported is a model at all (wmayer)
0003653: [Bug] Fails to build with Boost 1.69 (develop snapshot) (wmayer)
0003657: [Bug] automatic rotation (wmayer)
0003486: [Bug] Improve VRML export for more complex structures (wmayer)
0003632: [Bug] Drawing lines on top of an image will not save the work (Reason: ' &' in the file name) (wmayer)
0003388: [Feature] Translate Labels in Arch and Draft (yorik)
0003443: [Feature] FreeCAD should ignore 'create new document at startup' if given files at command-line (wmayer)
0003544: [Bug] Crash on creation of vertical dimension with Shift + V (wmayer)
0003410: [Bug] 0.17 Regression: recompute will make parts lose color and take a longer delay compared to FC0.16 (wmayer)
0001857: [Bug] Broken start page in Ukrainian language (wmayer)
0003491: [Bug] Import.export not preserving placement of Part Features in STP file export (wmayer)
0003165: [Bug] Color information lost in STEP export (wmayer)
0003547: [Bug] Linear pattern, mirrored and polar pattern feature not working on a hole just on pocket (wmayer)
0003465: [Bug] Groups breaking dependency graph (wmayer)
0003444: [Bug] Exported models do not include Body Object transformations
0003427: [Bug] Measurement tool measures wrongly (wmayer)
0003373: [Bug] "Save a copy" of a document with a spreadsheet mark the document as touched (wmayer)
0003417: [Bug] Zooming out causes part to orbit when rotating (wmayer)
0003513: [Bug] Can't open file - some exceptions are shown in the log (wmayer)
0003601: [Bug] Keeping "Display properties" window open affects naming of objects/bodies, persistent thru new file creation. (wmayer)
0002908: [Bug] stp file import name mismatch (due to some limitation into UTF-8 support & naming convention) (wmayer)
0003588: [Bug] The path to the Addons does not allow special characters (wmayer)
0003514: [Bug] Program crashes when user try to add (by mistake) the origin to a group (wmayer)
0002984: [Bug] Update the debian folder in FreeCAD (kkremitzki)
0003586: [Bug] App test cases require Part module (wmayer)
0003569: [Bug] App::PropertyStringList not python3 ready (wmayer)
0002187: [Bug] Sweep tool fails with Frenet=True on special Wire created from Section
0003564: [Bug] Python objects: updateData calls to proxy instance that should have been deleted (wmayer)
0003516: [Bug] Cannot compile head of FreeCad (peterl94)
0003538: [General] MacOSX 10.13 not in the 'About FreeCAD' dialog (blacey)
0003499: [Feature] Add Freecad version/platform to the main screen for display (Kunda1)
0003419: [Bug] import of openscad file fails (wandererfan)
0002316: [Feature] option for "random shape color" by default
0003477: [Bug] Unwanted deletion of objects from non-active document (wandererfan)
0003364: [Feature] Navicube - Experimental Navigational Cube addon
0003457: [Bug] import Draft is broken (yorik)
0003437: [Bug] Crash opening /Applications/ (yorik)
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0003467: [Bug] Merge Project command and rename of expressions referring to cells of Spreadsheets (eivindkvedalen)
0003518: [Bug] Expressions (fx) not updated (wmayer)
0003638: [Bug] Importing CSV-files produces an empty spreadsheet without the data (wmayer)
0003610: [Bug] App::PropertyFloatList not updating in Spreadsheet (wmayer)
0003496: [Bug] Can't delete spreadsheet if spreadsheet is opened. (eivindkvedalen)
0003521: [Bug] Import of csv file into Spreadsheet does not work if the path contains non ASCII characters (wmayer)
0002833: [Bug] [Spreadsheet] Keyboard events are sent to the wrong viewprovider (wmayer)
0003506: [Bug] Alias names in spreadsheet with a number at the end causes exceptions at deleting cells (eivindkvedalen)
0003361: [Bug] Spreadsheet: Inserting Row Cause Crash - FC Daily v0.17 (eivindkvedalen)
0003432: [Bug] numbers with units are not handled at all in aggregate functions, when written direct into the function call (eivindkvedalen)
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0003733: [Bug] FEM workbench menus are not translatable (wmayer)
0003629: [Bug] FEM, input file is not written if the FreeCAD document name has none standard letters (berndhahnebach)
0003616: [Bug] FEM, SMESH, wrong version in cmake (berndhahnebach)
0003618: [Bug] FEM, GUI, mesh view provider, highlighted node show wrong node number on selection (wmayer)
0003155: [Bug] FEM to mesh conversion fails for shells (wmayer)
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0003469: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes on edge selection during fillet edge operation on extruded geometry (wmayer)
0003721: [Feature] Some of the Part menu items are not translatable (yorik)
0002676: [Bug] Differences in python API depending on OCC version (wmayer)
0003341: [Bug] Undoing is missing steps (wmayer)
0003571: [Bug] Offset3D of volumes intersection is not solid (wmayer)
0003333: [Bug] Wrong behaviour of fuse operation (wmayer)
0003519: [Bug] Attachment Flip Sides faulty behavior on O-ax-ax modes (DeepSOIC)
0003381: [Bug] CompoundFilter do not work in command line
0003493: [Bug] Python Shape.isClosed() returns false for any solid, including primitive Parts (wmayer)
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0003455: [Bug] Path Custom object does not have a tool property. (mlampert)
0003360: [Bug] PathWB Dressups move the parent operation to the bottom of the Job-Workflow. (mlampert)
0003595: [Bug] Cannot set extent of "Stock Create Box" (mlampert)
0003563: [Bug] Stock object placement not correctly updated when origin set. (mlampert)
0003502: [Bug] Engraving produces wrong path (mlampert)
0003490: [Bug] Post processing always insterts TC even though it hasn't changed (mlampert)
0002553: [Feature] 4th axis paths don't display as expected (mlampert)
0003450: [Bug] Path simulation crashes with unusual setups.
0003449: [Bug] PathArea Accuracy parameter set to `0` and not changed while running. (mlampert)
0003343: [Bug] grbl post processor does not scale feed rate correctly on 13218 (mlampert)
0003383: [Bug] reword menu title from 'Partial commands' to 'Supplemental Commands' (sliptonic)
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0003442: [Bug] Broken link on FreeCAD website (Kunda1)
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0001672: [Bug] Raytracing export to POV-Ray - respect ASCII convention for I/O filenames (wmayer)
0003583: [Bug] Using the raytracing WB crashes FreeCAD (wmayer)
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0003699: [Bug] ClipGroup Regression from v0.17 (wandererfan)
0003698: [Bug] Detail View Does Not Show Section View (wandererfan)
0003674: [Bug] Detail View Inverted (wandererfan)
0003644: [Bug] Rotated text doesn't keep rotation after closing TechDraw Page (wandererfan)
0003332: [Bug] Drawing View Position is Wrong in CoarseView (wandererfan)
0003623: [Bug] "Building US" unit system rounding issue (e.g. 1' 12" vs. 2') (wandererfan)
0003639: [Bug] TechDraw Detail view stalls FreeCAD (wandererfan)
0003549: [Feature] Enable editable diameter dimensioning text (e.g. specification of thread, tolerances ) (wandererfan)
0003322: [Bug] Wrong dimension placement with parallel inclined lines (wandererfan)
0003634: [Bug] Techdraw module loses the dimension field "Format Spec" on save-load cycle (wandererfan)
0003613: [Feature] Allow Dimensioning Between 3 Vertices (Ex: Included and Excluded Arc Angles) (wandererfan)
0003525: [Bug] respecting Part positions (wandererfan)
0003528: [Bug] Unable to select certain circles (wandererfan)
0003505: [Patch] Insert new Page using Template: unicode filename (wandererfan)
0002882: [Feature] DXF support in TechDraw
0003337: [Feature] Add Arbitrary Dimension (wandererfan)
0003367: [Bug] view/data pane is unselected if hatch type is changed (wandererfan)
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